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Oil Safe Tote Racks

Tote Dispensing Racks: For Effective Contamination Control

Tote Rack

Oil Safe Tote Dispensing Rack

This 300 Gallon Bulk Oil Tote Rack has everything you need for your bulk oil dispensing and it comes basically ready to use.

Features Include:
Eliminates cross contamination
Positive displacement gear pump with internal bypass
25’ retractable hose dispensing reel with on/off control handle
Spill Containment
7 micron Beta 2000 filter
Tote pumps are available in electric or air
Heavy duty rack dimensions less than 41”w x 46”d
Each pod is 46” wide x 46” deep.
Fits most commonly used oil totes

Note: Tote not included.
Ships Pre-Assembled.

Viscosity ISO 680 or less
Motor Specs: 240v/14a

Oil Safe Tote Dispensing Rack, 110V Part Number: FF94600
Oil Safe Tote Dispensing Rack, Low Viscosity, 240v Part Number: FF94620