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Fire Safety Compliance Kit

Takes care of fire safety concerns

IFH offers a safety compliance kit that takes care of fire safety concerns of Insurance Companies and Safety Managers. The kit replaces the standard pvc sight gauge assembly with a guarded glass sight gauge assembly with brass ball check elbows, a flexible corrugated steel product hose and 165-degree Fahrenheit fusible link valve. The sight gauge has ball checks in both the top and bottom elbows, so if anything, ever happens to the glass sight tube, the ball checks will kick in and disallow any product from exiting the container.

The fusible link valve connects to the bottom bung on the container and the product hose. When the fusible link valve reaches 165 degrees, the valve shuts and disallows any product from exiting the container. The corrugated steel hose replaces the standard pvc hose for
added protection.

#789023 ¾” Safety Compliance Kit

#789022 1-1/2” Safety Compliance Kit

Flexsteel Hose, Glass sight Gauge Assembly Bronze Ball Check Fittings and Fusible Link Valve

Flexsteel Hose, Glass Sight Gauge Assembly Bronze Ball Check Fittings and Fusible Link Valve

Oil Storage Systems and Products

Distributing metal stamping equipment and oil storage systems since 1956

The Bernard Company is a broad line distributor of metal stamping equipment and oil storage systems, products and solutions.

Their sales range from simple components to more complex systems such as oil storage systems, oil storage portable carts, conveyors, power presses, Powair automatic feeds, stock reels, stock straighteners, scrap choppers, die handlers, tool protection, quick die change components, nitrogen die springs and coil cradles products and solutions.

The Bernard Company has been serving customers since 1956. They have consistently performed at the top of the metal stamping and oil storage system industry. Their staff is experienced and is ready to assist you with design, engineering and service.
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IFH Oil Storage System
Handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids safer, cleaner and more cost-efficient.
IFH Oil Storage System Carts
Weight of oils, cans, filters and tools on wheels, not your employee's backs.

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